When I was twenty-seven I read Pulling Your Own Strings by Wayne Dyer. It lit a bulb in my brain. Wayne put me on a new path with the courage to march to the edge and jump into the abyss…
This is a drawing executed while pondering what to do with my own strings. I recently viewed it at my brother’s apartment. No mat or glass to protect it, just an antique frame. I love that it has survived like this for thirty-something years.


That was my side of the bed.

Watercolor Station

I have slowly divided up my chaotic workspace into specific Work Stations. Here is where I make small watercolor paintings. I didn’t always love watercolor. What has recently pushed me toward it with a passion is a program called Memories in the Making. MIM for short.
Nancy, the amazing MIM Director at the Alzheimers Association in Milwaukee trains willing volunteers to work with people with Alzheimers disease to encourage them to paint. As they create pictures we engage in stories about their past. Every Friday afternoon I visit a MIM painting class at an assisted living home in my area. We dig for memories and have meaningful exchanges. Our little team (Megan, Katy, Taylor, and me) have so much fun!!!  It is the highlight of my week.
For more information about MIM: