The birth of Straddle the Turtle

This is the original messy drawing I made to nail down the essence of all the information gathered in my quest to begin the Straddle the Turtle project. A collection of that research is filed in this folder in a cabinet in my studio.

Straddle the Turtle folder
Straddle the Turtle folder

The on-going creation of drawings, paintings, ceramic works, greeting cards, and bookmarks has been the product of my meditative labor. These artworks carry along the lovely message of Straddle the Turtle. I will share images of some of those items in subsequent entries.

Some of my hunt for turtle information includes:

  • studying the anatomy of turtles (mainly the structure of their shells and chutes)
  • reading up on their habits and following blogs about protecting their habitats
  • appreciating the symbolism applied to the turtle by various cultures
  • reading lots of turtle stories and digging into turtle folklore
  • enjoying the way advertisers use turtles to promote products

Also many of my friends and followers have given me articles, stories, and images ; I hope this continuing education never ends…