A Pull in Time

A Pull in Time

This painting was inspired by a friend’s poem. Paul Turelli wrote “A Pull in Time” when he was 17 years old. He is now in his early sixties, still fishing and writing.

A Pull in Time painting ©2017Barbara Grant*

*This painting is no longer available. It is hanging in a cabin up in the Colorado mountains somewhere. But I am able to offer a digital image of it for $5 on Etsy: A Pull in Time

Drawing 11-29-18

My poor doggies are whining and begging to go for a walk but I couldn’t tear myself away from this drawing. The first session was just a simple outline before I was interrupted…

Roxy & Ringo

Back at it today with these cross hatchings that look like window screen. I couldn’t stop myself and all I can say is I was just having so much fun! Okay time for that walk.

Drawing 11-29-18

Drawing 11-25-18

11-25 drawing

I began at the nest on this drawing, and just as I was circling the soft inner bed I became extremely pleased with the way Pilot G-2 07 seemed to lighten up for that very purpose.

However, as I bore down for the thicker twigs bent around the outer part of the nest it became apparent that my trusty Pilot had completely run out of ink!

Thankfully, I have in my stash of supplies a new pen recommended by my writer friend, Brad* – a Jetstream made by UniBall (“When inspiration strikes, count on the performance and design of Uni-Ball”).

All this focus on pens and ink made me forget to mention the sneaky appearance of a fish into this composition. Hmm…

*More about my writer friend, Brad at Bradley James Weber

Clementine box, bee hive, twigs, bird’s nest


Drawing 11-24-18


Very strange marks here on the opposite page. I don’t know what to say other than I had no goal in mind when I sat down here at this desk. I wasn’t even planning to sit – just walked past it doing other things in my work space and saw out of the corner of my eye this open book of drawings – opened to yesterday’s page. I can’t seem to help this desire to play around with drawing the same thing every day. It’s like a meditation. Oh, and by the way, my mind was a super mess of chaotic thoughts going every which way (sort of like the drawing) but now I feel better. Thank you, Pilot G-2 07 ❤️

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